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People keep on introducing different innovations while designing their homes. Many of you might prefer to interior design residence every year with the latest color trends. Colors are very much important with soft furnishing. It’s important to choose such hues that must complement the place. In this blog, we have brought some exciting shades that will bring out the appearance of the attic. Smart color selection is essential and keeping this thing in mind professional construction companies of Loft conversions in Essex use to give a guide for free to help out in selecting latest ideas and color guides. In this blog, we have gathered the latest color trends for sprucing up your place

Rose Gold

You may have come across rose gold at different events. It’s true this color is in everyone’s eye from interior design to hair color even. No one can resist without having this in their home or for own appearance. This beautiful color goes well with wall paint and creates a beautiful accent to spruce up the living room or attic conversion. I am not talking about rose gold wall paint only, but you people can add rose gold accessories and furniture. Are you excited for bold statement for your room? Then don’t waste time in traditional colors that have been part of our living years for years. Add this elegant color to the attic and enjoy the aesthetic feel.


Many people believe violet color adds drama to the place and this color has already grabbed attention people this year. You would see numerous homeowners prefer violet shades over the dull colors to give the radiant appearance. Well, this color is the most preferable for office and studio type places. Give this type of natural color to furnishing or use this as a background touch to pop up the room color.

Bright Yellow

This color was must have for every home last year. People used to believe this sunny and vibrant shade is a perfect feature for a loft conversion. This is one of the attractive colors and offsets neutral tones is a kind of striking contrast. Bright yellow colored feature wall or little bit interior touch color can enhance the appearance.

Caramel Color

This type of neutral caramel color is a perfect choice for the attic bedrooms that give a cozy and warm feel to the room. Loft conversion goes best if we have featured wall of particular caramel color, rugs, and furniture. Opt this color to add more grace to your home. This one is going to be a massive favorite of people in 2019.

These are the trendiest colors of this year, and for those who have designed their attic recently, they can take a look at these hues for sprucing up the home appearance. Don’t forget to take an assistance from professionals they would guide the best option according to the loft area. Trendy loft conversions in Essex are known for best designs and color schemes so if you are resident of Essex then you can avail such beautiful ideas with the help of experts.